Volume 8 - 2022

Solid-Liquid Interdiffusion Bonding between Ti/Ni/Ag/Sn Backside Metallized Si Chips and Cu/Al2O3 - DBC Substrates with Au/Pd/Ni Surface Finish

Kuan-Yu Chiu, Pei-Ing Lee
Publication date: February 2022
Page(s): 1-7
DOI: 10.11159/ijmmme.2022.001

Mechanism of the Evaporation of Ag Nano-Twinned Films on Si Wafers with Assistance of Ion Beam Bombardment

Tung-Han Chuang, Yin-Hsuan Chen, Po-Ching Wu
Publication date: December 2022
Page(s): 08-15
DOI: 10.11159/ijmmme.2022.002